Stories of our work

ICRI Urban IoT - July 2016

Outline of Capstone activity in the
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Smart Park - January 2016

The ICRI Urban IoT Capstone benefits from being part of a larger programme of activity within the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park supported by the European Union and the Mayors Office. An overview of that activity is presented above in the video by our partners at the London Legacy Development Corporation.

ICRI PHD - Mara Balestrini
August 2016

Designing novel technology interventions for sustained community engagement

ICRI PHD - Kostas Cheliotis
August 2016

Coupling Urban Simulations and Real-Time Data Feeds via the Use of Networked Infrastructure

ICRI PHD - Jack Kelly
July 2016

Estimating an itemised electricity bill from a single, whole-house smart meter.

ICRI PHD - Martin Traunmueller
July 2016

To develop an understanding of the relationship between people dynamics and (fear of ) crime, we propose in this thesis novel ICT based methodologies to study the subject at temporal and spatial scale.

ICRI PHD - Martin Dittus
May 2016

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team coordinates thousands of online volunteers to trace roads, waterways, huts and houses from satellite data. How can organisers of such crowdsourcing initiatives best grow their volunteer capacity? The research aims to identify processes that can foster such community growth.

ICRI PHD - Vittorio Illiano
May 2016

Detecting malicious data injections in wireless
sensor networks.

ICRI PHD - Lisa Koeman
May 2016

Through a series of in-the-wild studies this PhD investigates how the public collection and visualisation of local data can encourage community engagement.

VoxBox Project - September 2014

A short video of the Vox Box project by Dr Sarah Gallacher, Dr Connie Golsteijn and Dr Lorna Wall at ICRI Cities, UCL. VoxBox is a tangible questionnaire that allows event attendees to share their views using a range of sliders, dials and buttons. They can then see how their views compare to those of others at the event by looking at the visualisations presented on the other side of the device

Smart Citizen Manchester workshop May 2014

The second in our SMART Citizen journey videos. This follows on from the SMART Citizen launch earlier in the year and highlights the interest in capturing and sharing data in urban areas by citizens.

Smart Citizen launches in Manchester
April 2014

ICRI Cities PhD Student and co-Founder of Smart Citizen launches hi Smart Citizen kits, to help monitor environmental pollutants to help give the user greater awareness and accountability for their environment.

Crowd Memo Project - March 2014

A taster video for the upcoming presentation by Mara at CHI 2014 on her paper . ‘Understanding sustained community engagement: A case study in heritage preservation in rural Argentina’ Authors: Mara Balestrini, Jon Bird, Paul Marshall, Alberto Zaro, Yvonne Rogers

ICRI Cities Research in London
November 2013

A video giving and overview to the research that ICRI Cities are doing in London.

Squeeze Balls - August 2013

The Mood Building Project (CS dpt UCL) aims to increase social connectedness by bringing people together through physical and playful installations.